Daily Monitor | 11-jui-2020
Joining the Energy Charter Treaty could cost developing countries money that is urgently needed to fight Covid-19 and a loaming economic crisis. The Energy Charter Treaty has become increasingly controversial.
D+C | 4-jui-2020
On the basis of the Energy Charter Treaty, companies are suing countries for damages when the latter decide to phase out or limit the use of fossil fuels.
CIAR Global | 3-jui-2020
El Comité ad hoc formado con motivo de la solicitud de anulación presentada por España en el arbitraje que ha mantenido con NextEra ante el Centro Internacional de Arreglo de Diferencias relativas a Inversiones (CIADI) ha emitido su decisión sobre la suspensión de del laudo dando luz verde a su ejecución que se lleva a cabo en tribunales estadounidenses.
Le Point | 28-mai-2020
La Russie contre-attaque après avoir été condamnée à payer 50 milliards de dollars aux anciens actionnaires de Ioukos. Un feuilleton judiciaire interminable…
Romania-Insider | 27-mai-2020
Cyprus-based offshore EP Wind Project (Rom) Six Ltd claims that Romania has breached the Energy Charter Treaty.
Les Amis de la Terre France | 22-mai-2020
Le Traité sur la Charte de l’énergie est peu connu mais sape le combat contre le changement climatique.
Lexology | 22-mai-2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has led States to adopt various public health measures that adversely affect foreign investors and exacerbate broader economic issues. In this climate, there is significant potential for disputes under the ECT.
Climate Change News | 22-mai-2020
Uniper is using a controversial investor dispute system to claim up to €1 billion compensation for being forced to close a coal power station early.
Reuters | 18-mai-2020
Shareholders in the now defunct Russian oil giant Yukos have seized Netherlands-based assets of two well-known vodka brands controlled by the Russian state in their most recent legal move to obtain $57 billion in damages from Moscow.

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