EurActiv | 19-oct-2015
EU Parliament adopts robust mechanism needed for Paris climate talks. Are European national leaders ready to act ?
CEO | 12-oct-2015
EU trade deals with Canada and the US could endanger citizens’ rights to basic services like water and health, as negotiators are doing the work of some of the EU’s most powerful corporate lobby groups in pushing an aggressive market opening agenda in the public sector.
AITEC | 12-oct-2015
Les services publics de l’Union européenne se trouvent sous la menace des accords de commerce transatlantiques, et ce au profit des multinationales.
Le Conseil des Canadiens | 22-sep-2015
Un récent rapport innove en proposant une disposition de dérogation qui permettrait aux États signataires d’un accord commercial d’appliquer des politiques en matière d’environnement et de changements climatiques sans craindre de s’exposer à des poursuites en vertu de la disposition relative au règlement des différends entre investisseurs et États.
The Council of Canadians | 22-sep-2015
A new report formulates an innovative trade deal exemption clause that allows countries to pursue environmental and climate change policy free from the chilling effects resulting from investor-state dispute settlement provisions in trade agreements.
Norges Sosiale Forum NSF | 18-sep-2015
The greatest challenges of our time is to end the unjust distribution in the world and to fight climate change.
Scoop | 13-fév-2015
This week’s edition of world-leading medical journal The Lancet includes a call by 27 health experts from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, the USA, and Vietnam for the TPPA to be made public so its overall health impacts can be assessed.
Globe and Mail | 11-oct-2014
Climate change is already causing about $600-billion in damages annually, gobally. Oil and gas companies could soon find themselves on the hook for at least part of the damage.
Washington Post | 6-oct-2014
The Obama administration’s insistence on ISDS may please Wall Street, but it threatens to undermine some of the president’s landmark achievements in curbing pollution and fighting global warming.
| 16-nov-2012
A US-incorporated energy firm, Lone Pine Resources Inc., is taking on Quebec’s stand against fracking, saying it violates the North American free-trade agreement and demanding more than $250-million in compensation.

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