ISDS révisé
IISD | 1er-jui-2020
In the face of the increasing number of claims brought by investors against host states on the basis of BITs and the exorbitant amounts awarded to investors, Morocco has undertaken a review of its model BIT using a flexible and rational approach.
IISD | 1er-jui-2020
Face au nombre croissant de recours présentés par des investisseurs contre des pays d’accueil au titre de traités bilatéraux d’investissement, le Maroc a entrepris de réviser son modèle de TBI au moyen d’une approche souple et rationnelle.
IISD | 1er-jui-2020
Frente a un creciente número de demandas entabladas por inversores contra Estados receptores en virtud de TBI y exorbitantes sumas otorgadas a los inversores por tribunales arbitrales, Marruecos ha emprendido la revisión de su modelo de TBI.
| 9-jui-2020
The EU Commission has launched a public consultation calling for comments on its initiative to improve the protection of intra-EU investment. This initiative could lead to the adoption of new rules enhancing investors’ rights vis-à-vis EU Member States and to the creation of new enforcement mechanisms for investors within the EU.
Lexology | 5-mai-2020
In recent years, observers have questioned whether investor–state arbitration will or should be a feature of the next generation of free trade and bilateral investment treaties.
Euractiv | 30-avr-2020
An updated European Commission proposal to reform the Energy Charter Treaty is falling short of what’s needed to reinstate governments’ “right to regulate” in areas like climate change, activists say.
Modern Diplomacy | 10-avr-2020
This is Brazil’s 10th and India’s 4th bilateral investment agreement since both nations had adopted their Model Bilateral Investment Treaty.
Mondaq | 25-mar-2020
Because of changing attitudes with regard to "expansive" investor protections contained in current treaties, investors need to think ahead and negotiate for the necessary protections to be included in investment contracts.
ICSID Review | 12-mar-2020
Given the present widespread dissatisfaction with investor–State dispute settlement, the ECOWAS Court can provide an alternative to arbitration that is already up and running.

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