reformed ISDS
Financial Express | 25-Oct-2016
Any intra-Brics framework will only be effective if awards rendered by such a body are enforceable without the added difficulty of getting entangled in domestic proceedings.
WMC | 24-Oct-2016
La mention à la Convention Cirdi a disparu dans le nouveau Code des investissements.
The Hindu | 24-Oct-2016
New Delhi examining whether dispute settlement mechanism can be tweaked
SSRN | 22-Oct-2016
For eight reasons, Gus Van Harten argues that the Declaration does very little to alleviate key concerns arising from the CETA’s proposed special rights and privileges for foreign investors
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 19-Oct-2016
Climate change is a serious threat to humankind and arbitration could play a key role in this era.
IIED | 18-Oct-2016
There is considerable room to rethink substantive norms and dispute settlement arrangements.
IOL | 18-Oct-2016
Cabinet’s endorsement of the draft International Arbitration Bill in April this year gave a welcome indication that South Africa would soon provide investors with one of the essential tools for operating in the modern global economy.
TNI | 17-Oct-2016
Los sistemas de protección de las inversiones en el TTIP y el CETA plantean una grave e innecesaria amenaza a la democracia y el interés público.
CEO | 13-Oct-2016
Les attaques dangereuses contre les réglementations protégeant l’intérêt public et l’environnement ne prendront pas fin suite aux nouvelles propositions européennes sur l’investissement dans les traités de commerce, selon un nouveau rapport.
S2B | 12-Oct-2016
The Joint Interpretative Declaration on the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) reaffirms that investors can bypass the domestic court systems and will enjoy ample rights without any obligations.

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