actions | resistance | 17-Feb-2021
A petition to ensure the Energy Charter Treaty will no longer be used against EU climate and energy policies is now available for supporters on the European Parliament website.
UDAPT | 17-Feb-2021
Han pasado 10 años desde la sentencia de Lago Agrio, hasta el día de hoy la petrolera se niega a cumplir con la sentencia; y, a su vez optó por activar todo un sistema que garantiza impunidad a las Transnacionales.
UDAPT | 17-Feb-2021
Dix ans se sont écoulés depuis la sentence du Lago Agrio, et à ce jour, la compagnie pétrolière refuse toujours de se conformer à la sentence. Au contraire, elle a décidé d’activer tout un système qui garantit l’impunité des transnationales.
UDAPT | 17-Feb-2021
Ten years have passed since the judgment of Lago Agrio. Until today the oil company refuses to comply with the judgement; and, in turn, has chosen to activate a whole system that guarantees corporate impunity.
Premium Times | 23-Nov-2020
The groups said they are concerned about the ICSID’s long-standing failure to promulgate clear rules for addressing cases where corruption has been alleged.
Friends of the Earth International | 20-Oct-2020
Our call to suspend all ISDS cases during and beyond the COVID-19 crisis.
Friends of the Earth International | 20-Oct-2020
Notre appel à suspendre tous les procès ISDS pendant et après la crise de la COVID-19.
Friends of the Earth International | 20-Oct-2020
Nuestro llamado a suspender todos los casos del ISDS durante y después de la crisis de COVID-19.
The Cable | 19-Oct-2020
The Human and Environmental Development Agenda, Re:Common, Global Witness, and Corner House, have called on the Nigerian government to stand against Eni’s legal move over the oil processing license (OPL) 245.
IIED | 14-Aug-2020
Mining, environment and livelihoods in Colombia.

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