Russian Federation

Global Legal Chronicle | 9-abr-2021
The Paris Court of appeal set aside the arbitral award issued in the dispute Oschadbank v. the Russian Federation, finding that the tribunal lacked temporal jurisdiction.
Ukrinform | 1ro-abr-2021
Oschadbank plans to immediately appeal against the judgment of the Paris Court of Appeal, which rejected the award in the case against Russia over compensation for losses caused by the occupation of Crimea.
Radio Free Europe | 12-feb-2021
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty says Russia is violating a bilateral investment treaty by targeting the organization’s news operations within Russia under its controversial “foreign agent” law.
TASS | 8-feb-2021
The Russian side also repeatedly drew attention to the fact that Yukos shareholders have no right to use modern protection mechanisms, since the privatization of the company was accompanied by deception, corruption and tax evasion
RT | 8-feb-2021
Les ex-actionnaires de Ioukos, ex-groupe placé en liquidation judiciaire en 2006, poursuivent la Russie pour obtenir 50 milliards de dollars d’indemnisation.
Connaissance des Energies | 7-dic-2020
La Cour suprême des Pays-Bas a statué que les ex-actionnaires de l’ancien groupe pétrolier Ioukos pouvaient continuer à poursuivre la Russie pour 50 milliards de dollars d’indemnisation, en attendant un jugement définitif dans une longue saga juridique.
The Moscow Times | 7-dic-2020
The Netherlands’ top court ruled that shareholders in dismantled oil giant Yukos can continue to pursue Russia for $50 billion in compensation pending a final judgement in a long legal saga.
RT | 23-jun-2020
The Supreme Court of the Netherlands has agreed to consider Russia’s appeal against a lower court ruling, which awarded multi-billion-dollar compensation to former shareholders of the defunct Russian oil giant, Yukos.
Le Point | 28-may-2020
La Russie contre-attaque après avoir été condamnée à payer 50 milliards de dollars aux anciens actionnaires de Ioukos. Un feuilleton judiciaire interminable…
Reuters | 18-may-2020
Shareholders in the now defunct Russian oil giant Yukos have seized Netherlands-based assets of two well-known vodka brands controlled by the Russian state in their most recent legal move to obtain $57 billion in damages from Moscow.

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