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See News | 9-déc-2016
Oleg Deripaska has, in his personal capacity, served a notice of arbitration against Montenegro, claiming unlawful expropriation of his investment and related treaty breaches
Oneworld | 27-sep-2016
The so-called “ISDS” has been existing for years already. A revealing look in the hidden world of investor-state dispute settlement.
CDM | 28-jui-2016
Investment arbitration process between CEAC Holdings Limited and Montenegro was finished on 26th of July, in a way that the arbitration tribunal declared itself non-jurisdictional for this process.
Inquirer | 17-jui-2016
The Philippine government seeks to resolve the international arbitration case with operators of the Malampaya gas platform led by Royal Dutch Shell plc.
Le360 | 15-jui-2016
Après avoir essuyé un échec devant les tribunaux marocains, Al Amoudi fait appel au CIRDI pour intervenir dans le litige qui oppose à la raffinerie SAMIR.
The Chronicle Herald | 8-jui-2016
The environmental lobby is going to bat for the federal and provincial governments against international big business in a $101-million argument.
Reuters | 8-jui-2016
The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a $96 million international arbitration award issued in 2011 in favor of energy company Chevron in a dispute over the development of oil fields in Ecuador.
Tout DZ | 27-mai-2016
Linde a notifié lau gouvernement algérien son intention de saisir le Centre international pour le règlement des différends relatifs aux investissements (Cirdi).
Tele Sur | 30-avr-2016
The Ecuadorean government is being forced to use money that could go toward relief efforts to instead pay off a multinational oil company.
Washington Post | 28-avr-2016
A Dutch court found that Russia doesn’t have to pay $50 billion to Yukos shareholders. Here’s the big catch : international investment law is so complicated that Russia might have to pay anyway.

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