propriété intellectuelle
Biopharmapress | 7-jan-2020
Proper mandatory licenses will be exempt from claims for expropriation under the China BIT model.
South Centre | 30-aoû-2019
The fact that private arbitral tribunals are increasingly interpreting intellectual property provisionsraises complex issues.
The Wire | 15-mar-2019
Free trade agreements like the RCEP will infringe on India’s intellectual property laws. India must stand its ground in the interest of public health.
L’Usine Santé | 14-mar-2019
Ces dernières années marquent l’intérêt grandissant des sociétés pharmaceutiques internationales pour l’arbitrage à l’encontre d’États.
South Centre | 21-déc-2018
Can an intellectual property right or a license authorizing its use be deemed an ‘investment’ under bilateral investment treaties ?
El Salto Diario | 4-oct-2018
En la medianoche del domingo, y tras meses de fuertes tensiones diplomáticas, los gobiernos de los Estados Unidos y de Canadá adoptaron un nuevo acuerdo comercial preliminar, junto con México, que ahora se llamaría United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA, el Acuerdo de los Estados Unidos con México y Canadá), reafirmando el papel hegemónico estadounidense. Este tipo de acuerdos provocan la precarización laboral, la bajada de salarios y daños ambientales irreversibles.
Financial Express | 5-sep-2018
New Delhi won’t not take additional commitment on intellectual property rights beyond the TRIPS agreement it has already accepted at the WTO ; investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism only for limited sectors.
Spatial Source | 13-jui-2018
Open Source Industry Australia (OSIA) is calling upon the federal government to scrap the CPTPP over provisions that could decimate the Australian open source community.

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