The Tico Times | 22-May-2023
Three German investors have filed an investment arbitration claim against Costa Rica for the expropriation of their land for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant.
Reporterre | 9-May-2023
Perenco, un pétrolier franco-britannique, refuse de payer ses ex-salariés équatoriens. Et impose au pays une amende de 374 millions de dollars. Son tort ? Avoir promulgué une loi sur les superprofits.
Reuters | 9-May-2023
The European Union is considering a proposal to quit an international energy treaty that has become mired in climate change concerns, but leave an option for individual countries to stay in an updated version of the accord, a document showed. | 4-May-2023
El Centro Internacional de Arreglo de Diferencias Relativas a Inversores (Ciadi) ha concluido en un laudo que España debe pagar al fondo británico Infracapital 24,9 millones, más costas e intereses, por los daños que le causó el recorte de las primas a las renovables.
Yorkshire Bylines | 3-May-2023
If you’ve never heard of ISDS (investor-state dispute settlement) that’s not surprising. ISDS operates in the shadows. It’s a mechanism for solving disputes between parties in cases of foreign direct investment while offering legal protections for the investor. The investment is typically provided by a private company to a foreign ‘host state’.
El Salto | 2-May-2023
Un juzgado británico ha realizado un embargo al Instituto Cervantes en Londres. El TJUE y la Comisión Europea dan la razón a España.
IISD | 28-Apr-2023
This case concerns a dispute between Cavalum SGPS, S.A and the Kingdom of Spain about changes introduced by the respondent to the regulatory and economic regime for renewable energy projects.
IISD | 28-Apr-2023
Cette affaire concerne un différend entre Cavalum SGPS, S.A et le Royaume d’Espagne, portant sur des changements introduits par le défendeur dans son régime réglementaire et économique relatif aux projets d’énergie renouvelable.
Time.News | 28-Apr-2023
The US fund Blasket Renewable Investments has activated the “default” clause that declares Spain at “technical impact” after the Government has not yet paid the pending awards for the cuts in the premiums for renewables.
Capital Madrid | 28-Apr-2023
The World Bank has sent a de­vas­ta­ting letter to the Spanish go­vern­ment to de­mand pay­ment of the awards that con­demn our country to com­pen­sate the in­ves­tors af­fected by the re­tro­ac­tive with­drawal of the pre­miums granted to re­ne­wable ener­gies.