Energy Voice | 12-sep-2019
The European Commission is taking steps to reduce the prospect of future claims by demanding the reform of the Energy Charter Treaty.
Euractiv | 4-sep-2019
Critics say the Energy Charter provides excessive legal protection for oil and gas companies, which can claim uncapped reparations from governments who frustrate investments in fossil fuel projects.
BNE Intellinews | 4-sep-2019
The audit company claims its reports used in the lawsuits launched by companies controlled by Moldovan businessman Anatol Stati were based on “ knowingly false representations by Stati to KPMG”
Energy Voice | 20-aoû-2019
These recent awards indicate that investors now have the upper hand in their ECT claims against EU states.
ReedSmith | 13-aoû-2019
There is a lack of consensus among EU member states as to the applicability of the Achmea Ruling to the Energy Charter Treaty.
El Confidencial | 7-aoû-2019
El Ciadi ha dictado un laudo en el que condena a España a indemnizar con 41 millones de euros a SolEs Badajoz, una sociedad de origen alemán.
Renewables Now | 7-aoû-2019
Spain will have to pay EUR 41 million to German solar investor SolEs Badajoz GmbH for retroactively cutting long-term premiums for renewable energy projects.
Euractiv | 29-jui-2019
The Nord Stream 2 pipeline company has asked the Court of Justice of the EU to annul the amendments to the Gas Directive but Nord Stream 2 reserves itself this option of resorting to legal arbitration as well.
Cinco Días | 25-jui-2019
Se trata de dos demandas por plantas fotovoltaicas y activos hidroelétricos.
Euractiv | 19-jui-2019
The European Commission and the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline company are heading toward legal arbitration in their dispute, with a risk of huge fines for EU taxpayers.