Globe and Mail | 28-oct-2018
Unverified rumours circulated in early 2018 that Canada was willing to abandon NAFTA’s provisions entitling foreign investors to sue for damages under what is called investor-state dispute settlement, or ISDS.
Huffington Post | 21-oct-2018
Investor-state dispute settlement was tempered in the USMCA, but the government needs to justify why it persists asking for it in other agreements.
Friends of the Earth Europe | 24-sep-2018
Our analysis of the leaked draft code of conduct of CETA tribunals reveals that the same people known as ISDS arbitrators and counsellors will now take over CETA tribunals.
Financial Post | 16-aoû-2018
Gold Reserve Inc. received Venezuelan government bonds with an estimated current market value of approximately US$88.5 million.
CIAR Global | 6-jui-2018
El 2 de julio de 2018, el Ciadi, registró la demanda de arbitraje de la minera canadiense Gran Colombia Gold contra Colombia en la que reclama 700 millones de dólares relacionada con la cesión de un título minero a las comunidades locales para explotar la minería a cielo abierto, tras una pugna de más de una década con la denuncia medioambiental y de Derechos Humanos como protagonistas.
Le Petit Journal | 4-jui-2018
Le Comité du patrimoine mondiale de l’UNESCO a décidé de reporter l’inclusion du site minier de Rosia Montana sur la liste du Patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO.
Business Review | 29-jui-2018
The minister of culture says that the government has proposed the delay of the inclusion of Rosia Montana in the UNESCO World Heritage list until there is a final ruling in the case opened by Gabriel Resources against Romania.
Toronto Star | 24-jui-2018
NAFTA is a corporate rights agreement, not a free-trade agreement in the original sense. | 7-jui-2018
Gabriel Resources will have to wait until late 2019 to find out whether Romania will have to pay it $4.4 billion in alleged losses related to the company’s Rosia Montana gold and silver project.

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