ISDS révisé
Friends of the Earth Europe | 16-nov-2017
English translation of the German Association of Judges opinion on the proposal for the Multilateral Investment Court system (MIC).
IELP Blog | 13-nov-2017
New Zealand’s new Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, is on the record as stating that investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) must not be a part of any future trade agreements signed by New Zealand.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 7-nov-2017
2018 seems a crucial year for both opponents and proponents of investor-state arbitration to make their respective cases to maintain, reform, or abandon today’s ISDS system.
Newsroom | 3-nov-2017
The Government is enlisting its ambassadors in a last-minute bid to win changes to the TPP’s controversial investment clauses, Trade and Export Growth Minister David Parker says.
The Hindu | 30-oct-2017
Hit by disputes with Vodafone and Cairn Energy, India welcomes plan for a World Court but flags legal, practical challenges.
Gauchebdo | 27-oct-2017
Le système de règlement des différends investisseurs-Etats, qui permet aux entreprises d’attaquer les Etats étrangers lorsque ceux-ci prennent des décisions contraires à leurs intérêts, est de plus en plus sollicité. Il est aussi fortement contesté, en particulier au Sud.
CNCD 11.11.11 | 24-oct-2017
Notre principale préoccupation est d’éviter que le Tribunal multilatéral des investissements ne renforce un système international déjà déséquilibré en faveur des firmes transnationales.
Politics Web | 23-oct-2017
The Protection of Investment Act affords foreign investors no protections beyond domestic law, and pointedly disavows investor-state international arbitration. The SADC Protocol was also amended by the SADC Summit of heads of state and government.
IIED | 23-oct-2017
How international investment treaties could promote more responsible investment and argues that, while some innovative practices are emerging, there is still much to do.
Business Recorder | 16-oct-2017
The government of Pakistan would not be made liable for private investor disputes. Alternative dispute resolution mediation would be made compulsory, while foreign arbitrators would be decided in advance through consensus.

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