reformed ISDS
CIEL | 18-Dec-2017
More than 40 governments met as part of a working group of the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) to discuss reforms to the investor-state dispute settlement system.
EJIL: Talk! | 12-Dec-2017
The investment treaty system is likely to be marked by the co-existence of investor-state arbitration and an international investment court, leading to pluralism rather than a dichotomous either/or choice or a clear before-and-after moment.
EJIL: Talk! | 12-Dec-2017
This Working Group was not “business as usual” because it was much more government-led than is typical of UNCITRAL Working Groups and it started out with a vote instead of conforming to UNCITRAL’s typical approach of working by consensus.
UNIS | 11-Dec-2017
Working Group III of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) began its deliberation on possible reform of investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS).
CIEL | 5-Dec-2017
A new report released today warns that the European Commission’s proposed Multilateral Investment Court threatens to lock in an undemocratic investor-state dispute settlement scheme that undermines national democratic authority.
No al TTIP | 4-Dec-2017
Un Tribunal Mundial para las Corporaciones: los planes de la Unión Europea para expandir e institucionalizar las disputas entre inversores y Estados.
No al TTIP | 1-Dec-2017
La Comisión Europea está presionando para la creación de un Tribunal Multilateral de Inversiones (MIC, por sus siglas en inglés) incluso mediante la tergiversación de los resultados de la consulta que llevó a cabo a principios de año.
El Salto Diario | 1-Dec-2017
El Parlamento Europeo discutió ayer sobre la creación de una nueva corte para el arbitraje con inversores que avanza en la línea de los polémicos ISDS: más capacidad de las multinacionales para intervenir y sortear políticas públicas.
Friends of the Earth Europe | 28-Nov-2017
Ten reasons why the EU’s proposal for a Multilateral Investment Court doesn’t fix a fundamentally flawed system.
Tech Dirt | 21-Nov-2017
The MIC would be able to create what amount to global laws, without any democratic input or scrutiny.

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