ISDS révisé
IISD | 7-nov-2022
Au sein du GT III, les États devront donner la priorité aux réformes qui ont le plus d’impact sur leurs principales préoccupations concernant le système RDIE.
CCSI | 3-nov-2022
Un régime d’investissement international entièrement inédit, conçu dans l’optique du climat et d’autres objectifs mondiaux, pourrait servir d’outil pour accélérer les investissements nécessaires à la résolution de la crise climatique.
CCSI | 3-nov-2022
A wholly new international investment regime designed with climate and other global goals in mind could be used as a tool to accelerate the investments needed to address the climate crisis.
EJIL : Talk ! | 6-oct-2022
It seems that finding ways to cope with a potentially overwhelming reforms-to-develop list and finding compromises will become increasingly important.
TNI | 3-oct-2022
This report sheds light on Nigeria’s investment protection regime and its consequences for one of Africa’s biggest countries.
CIEL | 23-sep-2022
What recent case law and treaty reforms may mean for the future of investment arbitration in the energy sector.
UNCTAD | 7-sep-2022
Reforms are essential to ensure investment treaties and associated investor-state disputes don’t hinder countries’ efforts to tackle climate change.
Columbia | 6-sep-2022
Existing international investment agreements providing for investor–state dispute settlement fail to advance climate goals and can effectively hinder states’ climate action.
Lexology | 1er-sep-2022
In recent years, in certain investment arbitration proceedings, States have brought counterclaims alleging that foreign investors had failed to comply with corporate social responsibility principles. In all but two cases, these counterclaims have been unsuccessful.
JDSupra | 22-jui-2022
The model BIT aims to balance two objectives : the attraction of foreign direct investment to African states and the promotion of sustainable development.