IISD | 11-Oct-2021
Pakistán, según se ha informado, resolvió terminar 23 de sus 48 tratados bilaterales de inversión cuyo plazo de duración inicial ha finalizado.
IISD | 11-Oct-2021
Le gouvernement du Pakistan aurait décidé de mettre fin à 23 des 48 TBI du pays, dont la durée initiale a été atteinte. Par ailleurs, le pays ne ratifiera pas 16 TBI déjà signés mais pas encore entrés en vigueur.
Dawn | 13-Aug-2021
Terminating 23 BITs is an important step for Pakistan, but if relationships with the WTO, the IMF and the World Bank remain, economic efficiency will continue to be prioritised over social justice and the rights of citizens.
AFTINET | 11-Aug-2021
Pakistan decided to review the entire BIT situation in 2013, and to develop a new model BIT.
The Express Tribune | 5-Aug-2021
Decision aimed at avoiding international arbitration with foreign firms .
Dawn | 13-Jul-2021
Pakistan Prime Minister has approved the new Bilateral Investment Treaty template whereby any dispute will now be remedied through local arbitration.
The Express Tribune | 31-May-2021
The British Virgin Islands high court rejected the TCC plea for attachment of the Pakistan International Airlines assets but also imposed a $5 million cost as well as $50,000 penalty on the company.
The Express Tribune | 27-May-2021
Pakistan’s law minister said an out-of-court settlement with a mining company was not out of the question.
Dawn | 26-May-2021
The British Virgin Islands High Court ruled in favour of Pakistan in a case initiated by TCC for attachment of assets belonging to the Pakistan International Airlines, as part of its efforts for the enforcement of the Reko Diq award.
Dawn | 26-Apr-2021
Pakistan, which entered into its first BIT with Germany in 1959 — which also was the first BIT ever entered — has concluded 53 BITs with 48 countries.

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