Marketwire | 12-aoû-2010
A legal analysis of the challenge launched by Philip Morris International found the company to be both unjustified and unreasonable in its opposition to Uruguay’s new tobacco packaging laws.
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre | 11-mar-2010
The move is certain to be closely watched by international lawyers and policymakers alike, as it will serve as an early test-case of the little-used intellectual property protections contained in BITs.
FPIF | 8-mar-2010
Uruguay’s new health legislation, expected to go into effect in March 2010, requires that 80 percent of each side of cigarette boxes be covered by graphic images of the possible detrimental health effects of smoking. Philip Morris argues that this limits the space for branding and thus infringes on its intellectual property rights.
REDES-AT | 8-jui-2008
La nota enviada por el Banco Europeo de Inversiones al gobierno uruguayo es una muestra clara de cómo operan las instituciones financieras internacionales : prestan primero y exigen de inmediato

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