Cour de justice de l’Union européenne | 6-Mar-2018
Cette clause soustrait au mécanisme de contrôle juridictionnel du droit de l’Union des litiges pouvant porter sur l’application ou l’interprétation de ce droit.
Court of Justice of the European Union | 6-Mar-2018
That clause removes from the mechanism of judicial review of EU law disputes which may relate to the application or interpretation of that law.
European Law Blog | 8-Jan-2018
The Opinion misses the much needed opportunity for a thorough and balanced reflection on the many challenges that ISDS, and investment disputes in general, pose to the EU legal and judicial system.
News Now | 27-Oct-2017
The arrest of and investigation into former economy minister Pavol Rusko could have an international dimension for Slovakia, as EuroGas wants to make use of the situation in order to renew arbitration proceedings against Slovakia.
Dalloz | 27-Sep-2017
L’avocat général, M. Wathelet, prend position sur la clause d’arbitrage du traité bilatéral conclu entre les Pays-Bas et la Slovaquie et estime que celle-ci est compatible avec le principe de non-discrimination, avec le mécanisme de renvoi préjudiciel et avec le principe d’autonomie du système juridique de l’Union européenne.
Reuters | 19-Sep-2017
An arbitration clause in an investment treaty between the Netherlands and Slovakia does not violate EU law, an adviser to the EU’s top court said.
Slovak Spectator | 11-Sep-2017
But the complainant has not had his last word.
Slovak Spectator | 17-Nov-2016
The talc case’s main trial before the World Bank’s international tribunal has been concluded. The decision should be made in one or 1.5 years at the latest.
IA Reporter | 5-Sep-2016
The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Slovak Republic have signed off on a deeply iconoclastic investment treaty.
Slovak Spectator | 11-May-2016
Slovakia has made a step towards reversing an arbitration ruling over the ban of generating profits on private health insurers, the Finance Ministry says.

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