North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

AFL-CIO | 21-Dec-2016
It is important that everyday working people’s perspectives lead the debate, starting with how to rewrite NAFTA.
Expansión | 5-Dec-2016
El capítulo 11 del tratado permite a las corporaciones demandar a un gobierno extranjero por regulaciones que consideren una carga a sus operaciones.
CNN | 2-Dec-2016
Trump could begin with a controversial chapter of NAFTA that some experts believe allows a company to go head-to-head with a foreign country — an idea that bothers some.
Mongabay | 9-Nov-2016
NAFTA, critics say, included investment provisions that inherently created an uneven playing field, allowing corporate investors to directly sue national governments for mega-millions and ultimately sidestep domestic environmental laws.
L’actualité | 8-Nov-2016
Le règlement de différends qui opposent des États et des entreprises étrangères devrait se faire devant les tribunaux et non devant des arbitres qui officient derrière des portes closes, affirme le professeur de droit Gus Van Harten.
Taylor & Francis | 17-Oct-2016
The TPP threatens to extend the most draconian feature of the contemporary free trade model: private corporation’s ability to sue sovereign nations.
The Globe and Mail | 14-Oct-2016
A company that planned a huge offshore wind farm in Lake Ontario says it has been awarded more than $25-million in damages, because the Ontario government cancelled its project.
Mongabay | 13-Sep-2016
International trade agreement provisions once meant to protect investors today can challenge a nation’s sovereignty and invalidate environmental laws.
BuzzFeed | 9-Sep-2016
A secretive global legal system gives corporations leverage over the countries where they operate. Everyone said the United States didn’t have anything to worry about, because American laws are fair to begin with. Everyone was wrong.
BuzzFeed | 30-Aug-2016
Imaginez un super tribunal mondial et privé, qui donne aux entreprises le pouvoir de forcer les pays du monde entier à faire ce qu’elles veulent.

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