North America Free Trade Agreement | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement

IISD | 9-May-2018
A decision by the Federal Court of Canada should spell the end of the NAFTA renegotiation on the investment Chapter of NAFTA, and ignite a renegotiation of the investment chapters of the Canada-EU trade agreement and the CPATPP.
The Chronicle Herald | 6-May-2018
Environmental law experts are concerned about the broader implications of a recent federal court dismissal of Canada’s application to overturn a NAFTA tribunal ruling.
CBC | 3-May-2018
New Jersey company behind quarry proposal in Digby Neck claims damages of $443M US in lost profits.
Bloomberg | 19-Apr-2018
Dislike of investor-state dispute mechanism appears widespread. Public consultation files detail what Trudeau team was told.
IATP | 11-Apr-2018
The financial industry’s demands for a “modernized” financial services chapter of the North American Free Trade Agreement have been overlooked
National Observer | 11-Apr-2018
Canada is the most sued country in NAFTA but Canadian companies aren’t shy about using ISDS claims either.
Investing | 9-Apr-2018
Un grupo de inversionistas de Integradora de Servicios Petroleros Oro Negro, una empresa que buscaba convertirse en líder en el sector de servicios petroleros en el país, activó un proceso para someter a México a un juicio de arbitraje, en el marco del TLCAN.
El Heraldo | 9-Apr-2018
La firma norteña Internacional de Cerámica, mejor conocida como Interceramic, está involucrada en una controversia con su socia estadounidense Dal-Tile Corporation a propósito de la disolución de su sociedad.
Curtis | 5-Apr-2018
I thought it would be both exciting and challenging to follow clients into this new area of investment claims practice. What I didn’t know was that I was entering the Wild Wild West of international practice.
Sold down the Yangtze | 24-Mar-2018
The case of Ethyl v. Canada.

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