El Salvador | 24-jui-2015
El litigio entre El Salvador y la empresa minera Pacific Rim en un tribunal en Washington ha entrado ya a su etapa final y se prevé una sentencia a favor del país, afirmó ayer Luis Parada, el abogado defensor de El Salvador.
TeleSur | 25-jui-2015
The Central American country of El Salvador could be forced to pay US$301 million to Canadian-Australian mining multinational OceanaGold as the two face off in a World Bank investor-state tribunal with proven tendency to favor corporate interests over arguments for protecting national sovereignty, the environment, and human rights.
| 15-mai-2015
The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes hears its first case outside of US, France
| 15-mai-2015
An international tribunal began hearing a multi-billion dollar case Friday that the US private equity firm Lone Star filed against South Korea’s government over tax and other disputes surrounding its asset sell-offs in Korea.
Lexology | 18-mar-2015
The UN Convention on Transparency in Treaty-Based Investor-State Arbitration has been opened for signature.
FFII | 7-déc-2014
Lock-in, no institutional safeguards for independence, perverse incentives, no separation of powers, automatic consent, ripe for exploitation, sovereign debt instruments included, open to the world, and a strategic mistake. Former trade commissioner De Gucht left us a Gordian Knot, writes Ante Wessels.
PressAfrik | 1er-déc-2014
Il est légitime de se demander si le Sénégal ne protège pas trop les investisseurs étrangers à travers les Accords Bilatéraux d’Investissement. Analyse.
Derains & Gharavi | 28-nov-2014
The title of this article refers to a looming issue that is not receiving the attention it deserves : the unbalanced and extraordinary power that the secretary-general of ICSID holds in practice in relation to annulment proceedings at the centre.
| 12-oct-2014
ConocoPhillips announced Friday that it has filed for arbitration under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce or ICC against Petroleos de Venezuela or PDVSA, the Venezuela state oil company, for contractual compensation related to the Petrozuata and Hamaca heavy crude oil projects.
Reuters | 23-sep-2014
The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) determined Venezuela must pay US-based miner Gold Reserve $740.3 million for terminating its Las Brisas gold concession, the company said on Monday.

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