CBC | 3-may-2018
New Jersey company behind quarry proposal in Digby Neck claims damages of $443M US in lost profits.
AFTINET | 23-abr-2018
Colombia’s decision to ban mining activities in the Páramos, a range of environmentally sensitive wetlands that provide approximately 70% of the country’s water supply, has so far led to three treaty-based arbitration cases.
Bloomberg | 19-abr-2018
Dislike of investor-state dispute mechanism appears widespread. Public consultation files detail what Trudeau team was told.
National Observer | 11-abr-2018
Canada is the most sued country in NAFTA but Canadian companies aren’t shy about using ISDS claims either.
Litigation Finance Journal | 3-abr-2018
Stans has entered into a litigation finance agreement to obtain incremental funding of Stans’ legal costs to continue with the international arbitration proceedings against the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.
La FM | 27-mar-2018
La empresa espera que el país la repare por más de 32 millones de dólares tras delimitación del Páramo de Santurbán.
Sold down the Yangtze | 24-mar-2018
The case of Ethyl v. Canada.
Mining Weekly | 21-mar-2018
Junior project developer Eco Oro Minerals has filed a memorial on the merits with the World Bank’s ICSID in its arbitration case against Colombia.
Cision | 15-mar-2018
DC court ruled in Rusoro’s favour, rejecting all of Venezuela’s defenses and holding that the award was valid and enforceable in the United States.
EU Law Analysis | 13-mar-2018
My prediction for CETA and TTIP is that an opinion would be a death sentence for the investment protection provisions, since they are capable of being applied to various aspects of EU law.

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