Modern Diplomacy | 10-abr-2020
This is Brazil’s 10th and India’s 4th bilateral investment agreement since both nations had adopted their Model Bilateral Investment Treaty.
Deccan Herald | 27-ene-2020
India inked an Investment Cooperation and Facilitation Treaty with Brazil – the first one after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government in December 2015 approved a new template for such bilateral pacts.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 20-ene-2020
Despite debates about crisis in investment treaty arbitration, most emerging market economies are concluding BITs that provide for ISDS and emerging market multinational companies appear to welcome ISDS.
AFTINET | 1ro-oct-2019
Their submissions conclude that the system is detrimental to public budgets, regulations in the public interest, democracy and the rule of law.
El Ciudadano | 22-oct-2018
Tanto Piñera como Temer son defensores del modelo liberal que promueve el desarrollo productivo, a través de la apertura económica, la amplia participación del sector privado y las privatizaciones, pero ningún interés en avanzar en áreas sociales.
IISD | 21-ago-2018
Debido a que los acuerdos internacionales de inversión (AIIs) fueron creados para limitar algunos aspectos del derecho a regular de los países, la primera ola de AIIs inhibió la experimentación regulatoria de los países receptores que podría perjudicar los derechos de los inversores extranjeros.
IISD | 16-ago-2018
Malgré des difficultés, l’expérience de l’Afrique du Sud et du Brésil démontrent qu’il est possible de repenser complètement le régime de l’investissement, et de faire en sorte que les intérêts des investisseurs correspondent aux besoins en développement des pays d’accueil.
IISD | 16-ago-2018
Despite challenges, the experiences of South Africa and Brazil demonstrate that there is room for genuine reimagination of the investment regime, where the interests of investors are matched with the development concerns of host countries.
EJIL: Talk! | 12-sep-2017
The Protocol draws significantly on the Brazilian model investment agreement, which stands out for departing from the traditional design of Bilateral Investment Treaties, particularly by excluding the possibility of investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS).
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 12-jul-2017
The ACFI model focuses on dispute prevention and bilateral governance, limiting arbitration to the State-to-State level.

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