reformed ISDS
International Law and Litigation | 24-Mar-2017
Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) has become the most controversial form of international litigation.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 24-Mar-2017
The place of arbitration matters because the law at the place of arbitration determines the procedural frame for the arbitration and therefore may have important consequences.
IISD | 21-Mar-2017
Settlements raise threats to principles of good governance, including government accountability, respect for the rule of law, transparency, and respect for citizens’ rights and interests.
IISD | 21-Mar-2017
Les accords de règlement menacent les principes de bonne gouvernance, notamment la redevabilité des gouvernements, le respect de l’état de droit, la transparence et le respect des droits et intérêts des citoyens.
IISD | 18-Mar-2017
The consultation was a missed opportunity for the Commission to obtain valuable inputs toward multilateral reform of investment dispute resolution in the best interest of Europeans and the international community.
No al TTIP | 15-Mar-2017
Petición a la Comisión Europea y a los Ministros de Comercio Exterior de la UE.
No al TTIP | 11-Mar-2017
Este webinar presentará la propuesta de la Comisión Europea así como varias perspectivas críticas sobre el tema.
Lexology | 7-Mar-2017
Since 2012, South Africa, dissatisfied with its bilateral investment treaties (BITs), has either been terminating or non-renewing several of these.
S2B | 6-Mar-2017
Position du réseau S2B sur la proposition de la Commission d’un mécanisme multilatéral de règlement des différends investisseurs-Etats (RDIE ou ISDS en anglais).
Financial Express | 2-Mar-2017
Fresh investments by European companies in India and vice versa after April 1 won’t enjoy legal protection under any bilateral arrangement, as India has decided not to accede to requests by the European Union.

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