WIR 2005: Transnational corporations and the internationalization of R&D

World Investment Report 2005
Transnational Corporations and the Internationalization of R&D

UNCTAD, September 2005, 322 pp

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Table of contents


Part One

Chapter I
Global Trends: FDI Flows Resume Growth
A. Signs of recovery
B. Policy development
C. Prospects: further FDI growth expected

Chapter II
Regional Trends: Developing Regions Lead Rise in FDI
A. Developing Countries
B. South-East Europe and CIS: FDI rises for the fourth year in a row
C. Developed countries: uneven performance

Part Two


Chapter III
Innovation, R&D and development
A. Innovation matters for all countries
B. Global R&D trends
C. The innovation capability gap
D. Conclusion

Chapter IV
R&D by TNCs and Developing Countries
A. TNCs are dominant R&D players
B. R&D by TNCs is internationalizing
C. The emergence of developing economies as locations for TNCs’ R&D
D. Features of R&D undertaken in developing, South-East European and CIS markets
E. Developing-country TNCs are also expanding R&D abroad
F. Prospects

Chapter V
Driver and Determinants
A. What drives the internationalization of R&D
B. Host-country determinants of R&D location
C. How to internationalize R&D
Annex to Chapter V. The rise of chip design in Asia: a case study

Chapter VI
Development Implications
A. New development opportunities in the making
B. Implications for host countries
C. Implications for home countries
D. Conclusions

Chapter VII
The Role of National Policies
A. Coherent policies and institutions make a difference
B. Strengthening the institutional framework for innovation
C. Promotion of R&D-related FDI
D. Industry-specific policies to enhance the benefits of FDI in R&D
E. The role of home countries
F. Concluding remarks

Chapter VIII
The International Framework
A. International investment agreements
B. International rules relating to IPRs
C. International cooperation in R&D

Statistical Annex

source: UNCTAD