European Commission | 18-jan-2019
The EU and its Member States submitted two papers to the UN Working Group under the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).
IISD | 15-jan-2019
El Grupo de Trabajo III de la CNUDMI se reunió en Viena desde el 29 de octubre hasta el 2 de noviembre de 2018, y decidió que es conveniente realizar una reforma multilateral para abordar varias inquietudes en torno a la ISDS.
IISD | 15-jan-2019
UNCITRAL Working Group III met in Vienna from October 29 to November 2, 2018 and decided that multilateral reform is desirable to address various concerns regarding ISDS.
IISD | 15-jan-2019
Le Groupe de travail III de la CNUDCI s’est réuni à Vienne du 29 octobre au 2 novembre 2018, et a décidé qu’une réforme multilatérale était souhaitable en vue de répondre à diverses préoccupations portant sur le RDIE.
CCSI | 11-jan-2019
New briefing explores potential sources of inconsistency in ISDS, from divergent interpretations of provisions to decisions inconsistent with societal objectives, and the way forward.
Les Echos | 2-jan-2019
La Commission européenne souhaite imposer une nouvelle configuration aux mécanismes de résolution des litiges en matière d’investissement.
SOMO | 30-oct-2018
The UNCITRAL process runs a real risk of producing middle-ground solutions that will fail to address the fundamental flaws of the ISDS system and will only further institutionalise and re-legitimise the system.
| 30-oct-2018
More than 300 civil society groups and trade unions urged governments participating in United Nations meetings in Vienna to completely overhaul the controversial Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system.
Hankyoreh | 2-aoû-2018
This is the fourth ISDS dispute this year in which the South Korean government is embroiled.
EJIL : Talk ! | 5-jui-2018
What are states’ concerns about investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) ? To help answer that question, we have put together four posts that compile the most relevant quotes from the first two meetings of the UNCITRAL Working Group sessions.

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