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East Anglia Daily Times | 26-oct-2015
Parts of a controversial new trade deal being negotiated between the European Union and the United States are illegal, it has been claimed.
Sierra Club | 18-oct-2015
A private trade tribunal ruled that Canada violated rules in NAFTA because of an environmental impact assessment that led Canada to reject a company’s controversial mining project from moving forward in an important cultural and ecological area in Nova Scotia.
The Argentina Independent | 29-sep-2015
El Salvador is defending itself against a US$301m lawsuit filed after it blocked a mining project to protect the country’s heavy-polluted water supply. The imminent verdict will set a precedent amid a growing trend of companies suing governments when they can’t exploit their natural resources.
Tele Sur | 25-sep-2015
Canadians must now counter Chevron’s inevitable propaganda campaign as the legal battle continues.
Le Conseil des Canadiens | 22-sep-2015
Un récent rapport innove en proposant une disposition de dérogation qui permettrait aux États signataires d’un accord commercial d’appliquer des politiques en matière d’environnement et de changements climatiques sans craindre de s’exposer à des poursuites en vertu de la disposition relative au règlement des différends entre investisseurs et États.
The Council of Canadians | 22-sep-2015
A new report formulates an innovative trade deal exemption clause that allows countries to pursue environmental and climate change policy free from the chilling effects resulting from investor-state dispute settlement provisions in trade agreements.
Bechtel | 19-jul-2015
In exchange for $160 million in compensation for its equity and contractor claims, Bechtel agreed to forgo international arbitration over the expropriation of its investment.
Scoop | 30-jun-2015
The Australian government misrepresents the claims of critics and fails to address substantial criticisms of the Trans Pacific Partnership, says civil society network AFTINET.
Amazon Watch | 9-abr-2015
An apparent Chevron whistleblower has sent Amazon Watch dozens of internal company videos showing Chevron employees and consultants manipulating evidence linked to the oil giant’s extensive contamination - and legal dispute - in Ecuador.
Huffington Post | 28-mar-2015
In Chevron’s massive international arbitration directly against the government of Ecuador, it has gotten everything it has asked for from the panel of arbitrators — until last week.

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