Radio Mundo Real | 28-jun-2017
Criminal charges pending against 18 community leaders and a billion-dollar court case at ICSID.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 16-may-2017
How far does the new Bolivian arbitration act go in its intent to keep State arbitration inside the country?
Economía y Negocios | 17-ene-2017
Mientras en foros internacionales Palacio Quemado acusa a Chile de mala fe, de atentar contra el comercio y de no cumplir sus compromisos, lleva más de un año dilatando el cumplimiento de un laudo en el que el Ciadi le ordenó indemnizar a una empresa chilena, expropiada ilegalmente, en más de US$ 48 millones.
Daily Business Review | 17-ago-2016
Glencore International has notified Bolivia that it has begun arbitration proceedings over its investments in two smelters and a tin mine nationalized between 2007 and 2012.
BNamericas | 5-ago-2016
Swiss trader Glencore filed for arbitration against the Bolivian government for the expropriation of its mining and smelting assets, adding to a series of lawsuits against the Andean country.
El Pais | 5-ago-2016
Una subsidiaria de la compañía suiza Glencore presentó una Notificación de Arbitraje en contra de Bolivia, por una supuesta controversia relativa a las nacionalizaciones de las plantas de fundición de estaño y antimonio de Vinto.
IISD | 15-feb-2016
Bolivia’s experience has shown that attracting foreign investment does not by itself generate the expected development for host states and that, rather, it consists in a mechanism for financing and transferring resources from the South to the North.
Stock Market Wire | 4-feb-2014
UK power generator Rurelec has won an historic Bolivian compensation award worth $35.5m, the first granted by an international court against Bolivia.
The Nation | 15-ene-2014
Activists are challenging rules that grant corporations the right to sue governments.
Mining Weekly | 28-may-2013
Vancouver-based South American Silver (SAS), which early in May filed for arbitration against the Bolivian government over the cancellation of mineral tenements in 2012, has entered into a privileged arbitration funding agreement with an international investment fund specialising in such proceedings.

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