ISDS révisé
JD Supra | 28-jan-2017
The Protection of Investment Act 22 of 2015 (the Investment Act) aims to ultimately replace South Africa’s BITs.
Borderlex | 24-jan-2017
In reality, the EU’s plans are not realistic in the current international context, nor will they appease ISDS critics
The Hindu | 24-jan-2017
India, along with Brazil, Argentina and some other nations, has rejected an informal attempt by the European Union and Canada to work towards a global investment agreement that would incorporate a contentious ISDS mechanism.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 29-déc-2016
While India has been reshaping its arbitration laws and investment climate, the jury is still out on whether these measures will actually help create a more secure legal environment for investors.
FFII | 23-déc-2016
Due to inherent systemic issues with specialised and supranational courts, a multilateral investment court would create a high risk on expansive interpretations of investors’ rights.
The News | 16-déc-2016
Pakistan favours the resolution of trade disputes through established multilateral settlement systems instead of ad-hoc tribunals, an official said.
Jakarta Post | 15-déc-2016
The Indonesian government should stick to its policy of removing the investor-state dispute-settlement (ISDS) mechanism from its bilateral investment or trade treaties.
Bloomberg | 15-déc-2016
The European Union and Canada will launch a proposal for a new global investment court system for settlements of disputes between states and foreign investors over discriminatory treatment.
Lexology | 7-déc-2016
The conclusion of negotiations between India and Brazil culminating in a near-final treaty between the two nations.
Newstalk | 6-déc-2016
Officials in Brussels have announced that they are close to securing a free trade agreement with Japan.

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