ISDS révisé
TACD | 22-jui-2018
TACD’s resolution recommends that rather than pursuing procedural changes through a MIC at the global level, the EU and US should refrain from including investor-state dispute settlement in any form from any agreement.
EJIL : Talk ! | 5-jui-2018
What are states’ concerns about investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) ? To help answer that question, we have put together four posts that compile the most relevant quotes from the first two meetings of the UNCITRAL Working Group sessions.
Truthout | 28-mai-2018
The takeaway from the UNCITRAL’s process for its so-called "reform" discussions is that lawyers making millions in ISDS cases are welcomed, while the voices of the millions of people whose lives are harmed by ISDS cases brought by multinational corporations are barely an afterthought.
Lexology | 16-mai-2018
The European Commission’s focus on ISDS has been so intense that far-reaching reform has been portrayed by many as inevitable. The Commission’s proposal is for the development of a multilateral investment court system (MIC).
UNCITRAL | 12-mai-2018
The working group continued its deliberations on identification of concerns in the field of ISDS, as contemplated in the first part of the mandate.
CCSI | 9-mai-2018
This is a crucial moment in international investment policymaking. Two factors have converged, calling for a new direction.
Borderlex | 26-avr-2018
The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law has an opportunity this week to keep pace with the other developments around the world challenging ISDS by using bold and creative thinking.
TNI | 25-avr-2018
A key feature of the “modernisation” process is the inclusion of a controversial investment protection chapter with the same characteristics as the one recently included in the Canada-EU trade agreement.
Revista Pueblos | 24-avr-2018
Uno de los principales elementos de la modernización del TLC UE-México pasa por incorporar al texto un polémico capítulo relativo a la protección de las inversiones, que tendría las mismas características que el que se incluyó recientemente en el CETA.
Transport & Environment | 24-avr-2018
The EU should not negotiate on its multilateral investment court project until the Court of Justice of the European Union has established the compatibility of the investment court agreed in CETA.

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