The Guardian | 12-jul-2018
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s regime accused of illegally seizing company assets and breaching investment treaties involving Britain and other EU states.
AFTINET | 4-jun-2018
Veolia has finally lost its claim against Egypt over a waste management contract dispute in which they claimed compensation for an increase in the minimum wage under a new labour law.
The Straits Times | 7-may-2018
PACC Offshore Services Holdings has filed a notice of arbitration against Mexico under the bilateral investment treaty between the United Mexican States and Singapore governments.
Observatoire des Multinationales | 18-abr-2018
Le groupe français a décidé une nouvelle fois, après l’avoir fait contre l’Argentine, l’Égypte ou encore la Lituanie, de saisir un tribunal arbitral international.
OMAL | 21-mar-2018
La UE quiere abrir nuevos mercados con un tratado comercial cada seis meses”: así de avaricioso se expresó recientemente Jyrki Katainen, vicepresidente de la Comisión Europea, ante el Consejo Atlántico en Washington, un lobby corporativo influyente en las relaciones transatlánticas.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 13-mar-2018
CJEU’s decision in Slovakia v Achmea finally bringing justice to the most recent members of the EU.
Ahval | 13-mar-2018
The claim alleges that Cascade’s investment’s in a media services company were unlawfully expropriated by the Turkish state in the crackdown that followed the coup attempt of July 2016.
IELP Blog | 8-mar-2018
In this short analysis, I will point out the broader implications for the EU’s investment law and policy.
The Slovak Spectator | 7-mar-2018
Slovakia will no longer have to compensate Achmea B.V., the shareholder of Union ZP health insurer, for €22 million in damage.
iPolitics | 30-ene-2018
While “significant” challenges remain, all three ministers said some progress has been made this round.

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