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CDE | 27-abr-2018
Dans procédure parallèle à celle engagée devant la Banque mondiale, ConocoPhillips a indiqué avoir obtenu gain de cause contre la société pétrolière d’Etat vénézuélienne PDVSA.
Reuters | 26-abr-2018
In a separate arbitration claim from the ICSID case, the International Chamber of Commerce has ordered Venezuela’s state-run oil company PDVSA to pay ConocoPhillips $2.04 billion for early dissolution of two joint ventures for producing oil.
CDE | 25-abr-2018
Le groupe américain d’énergie Invenergy a annoncé avoir lancé un arbitrage international contre la Pologne, estimant ses droits d’investisseur étranger menacés après que Varsovie a changé les régulations en matière d’énergie renouvelable.
Wind Power | 25-abr-2018
The Invenergy group has submitted a notice of arbitration against Poland citing violations of Invenergy’s rights as a foreign investor and clear breaches of Poland’s obligations under the United States-Poland bilateral investment treaty.
Venezuelanalysis | 24-abr-2018
US multinational Kimberly-Clark has filed a formal request to take Venezuela to court regarding the expropriation of its abandoned factory by the government of Nicolas Maduro in July 2016.
IATP | 11-abr-2018
The financial industry’s demands for a “modernized” financial services chapter of the North American Free Trade Agreement have been overlooked
Telemetro | 10-abr-2018
El Gobierno de Panamá se desmarcó hoy de la disputa comercial que mantiene la organización hotelera del presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump, con un empresario chipriota, que la expulsó de una torre construida en la capital panameña.
La Prensa | 10-abr-2018
A letter sent by the Trump Organization’s lawyers reminded President Varela of Panama’s obligations under a 1983 treaty that protects the rights of investors from the United States.
Sold down the Yangtze | 24-mar-2018
Bloomberg | 16-mar-2018
Trump disagrees with executives on Nafta arbitration language. Industry leaders say it provides an essential safety net.

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