Público | 4-Mar-2016
La Comisión presentó este lunes el nuevo mecanismo de resolución de disputas entre inversores y estados en el CETA, una suerte de blindaje para las multinacionales que les permite demandar a los países en los que inviertan si consideran truncadas sus "expectativas de ganancias" por cambios normativos o legales efectuados por los estados.
Huffington Post | 4-Mar-2016
Corporations can still sue governments over public policy decisions they don’t like but the real lesson from the ISDS reforms, in fact, is that public opposition and political mobilization can change things.
EU Observer | 1-Mar-2016
Despite all the talk of reform from commissioner Malmstroem, the threat to democratic decision-making is as alive and dangerous as ever.
European Commission | 29-Feb-2016
The European Commission and the Canadian Government have agreed to include a new approach on investment protection and investment dispute settlement in CETA.
Commission européenne | 29-Feb-2016
La Commission européenne et le gouvernement canadien sont convenus d’inscrire une nouvelle approche concernant la protection des investissements et le règlement des différends en matière d’investissements dans le CETA.
The Guardian | 29-Feb-2016
Negotiators confirm they hope to reach agreement on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership by end of year.
Friends of the Earth Europe | 18-Feb-2016
The European Commission has proposed a new ’Investment Court System’ to replace the current investor to state dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS) in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and other future investment deals.
Les Amis de la Terre | 18-Feb-2016
La Commission européenne a soumis une nouvelle proposition de « système juridictionnel des investissements ». Nous avons identifié 10 problèmes majeurs qui illustrent combien les droits des investisseurs étrangers continuent d’être privilégiés.
CTV | 17-Feb-2016
Canada is working with the European Union to revise controversial investor protection provisions in their landmark free trade deal at the direction of the new Liberal government.
Tele Sur | 16-Feb-2016
The secretive TTIP could make it easier than ever for big business to sue governments, according to new research.