Basta ! | 14-mar-2016
Nul besoin d’envoyer canonnières ou porte-avions pour intimider un Etat qui menacerait les intérêts des puissantes compagnies occidentales. Il existe un discret mécanisme pour régler les litiges entre États et investisseurs : l’ « ISDS ».
Alternautas | 13-mar-2016
The Oxy II awards subvert the notion of sovereignty : by whom and how a country’s natural resources are used becomes a minor question as long as wealth is maximised.
Todd N. Tucker | 7-mar-2016
A research provides a set of pragmatic tools for governments on the receiving end of legal claims.
Tele Sur | 26-jan-2016
The ruling from the District Court of the Hague in favor of U.S. oil giant Chevron effectively exonerated the company from any responsibility for remediating the contamination in the Amazon.
El Universo | 13-jan-2016
Ecuador alcanzó un acuerdo de pago con la empresa petrolera estadounidense Occidental (Oxy), anunció ayer (9-1) el presidente Rafael Correa, en el enlace sabatino 458, transmitido desde Malchinguí, Pichincha.
El Universo | 13-jan-2016
President Rafael Correa announced that Ecuador has reached a payment plan with the US oil company, Occidental (Oxy)
Seeking Alpha | 12-jan-2016
Ecuador paid $100M on Dec. 21 ; will pay another $100M on Jan. 15 ; $100M on Jan. 31 ; $200M on Feb. 29 ; $300M on March 31 ; and the remainder on April 29.
Prensa Latina | 11-jan-2016
Ecuador llegó a un acuerdo con la petrolera estadounidense Oxy sobre el pago de una multa por mil 400 millones de dólares impuesta al país suramericano por un tribunal arbitral, anunció hoy el presidente Rafael Correa.
Tele Sur | 30-nov-2015
The resolution calls for an international forum on the implementation of measures to better protect the rights of sovereign countries from exploitative multinationals.
IISD | 26-nov-2015
Perenco Ecuador Limited (Perenco)—a French-owned oil and gas company—and the Republic of Ecuador have been involved in arbitration since 2008 under the France–Ecuador bilateral investment treaty (BIT).

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