TDM call for papers: "Reform of investor-state dispute settlement: In search of a roadmap"

We are pleased to announce a forthcoming TDM special issue: "Reform of Investor-State Dispute Settlement: In Search of A Roadmap."

Edited by Jean E. Kalicki (Arnold & Porter LLP and Georgetown University Law Center) and Anna Joubin-Bret (Cabinet Joubin-Bret and World Trade Institute), this special issue will explore recent calls for reform of the investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS) system, along with the viability of five "reform paths" recently proposed for discussion by UNCTAD, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (see UNCTAD IIA Issues Note, "Reform of Investor-State Dispute Settlement: In Search of a Roadmap," 29-30 May 2013, available at

You can find an extensive call for papers on the TDM website, TDM Call for Papers: "Reform of Investor-State Dispute Settlement: In Search of A Roadmap"

Submissions should be thoughtful and rigorous rather than advocacy pieces - we are not looking to publish tunnel-vision "calls for action" or "calls to defend the castle" by one side or another in the debate.

Publication is expected in October or November 2013. Proposals for papers (e.g., abstracts) should be submitted to the editors by 15 September 2013.

Please address all proposals to both Jean Kalicki and Anna Joubin-Bret, contact info at the TDM website. Please CC when you submit material.

Feel free to forward this call for papers to colleagues and friends who might be interested in contributing to this special.

source: TDM