No al TTIP | 8-jul-2015
La votación había sido suspendida el mes pasado por el temor de que la resolución parlamentaria chocara con los intereses de la Comisión Europea.
El Diario | 8-jul-2015
Los socialistas pactan con el PPE la misma enmienda que retiraron tras recibir críticas el mes pasado, según la cual el mecanismo de resolución de controversias inversor-estado se compondrá de “jueces independientes”.
Agence France Presse | 8-jul-2015
Le Parlement européen a dressé mercredi la liste de ses exigences pour ne pas mettre en échec, comme il en a le pouvoir, un vaste et anxiogène traité de libre-échange en cours de négociation avec les Etats-Unis.
The National | 8-jul-2015
MEPS are being urged to reject a controversial trade agreement between the US and the EU when a report on the deal is voted on today in the European Parliament.
EU Observer | 8-jul-2015
The European Parliament’s proposed ISDS-lite, which some say was concocted by Merkel’s office, goes to non-binding vote today
Le Devoir | 29-jun-2015
Pour le secrétaire d’État au Commerce extérieur, Matthias Fekl, qui exprime la position officielle de la France, c’est non seulement une question de principe mais une réalité aujourd’hui incontournable.
Lexology | 19-jun-2015
A consensus is clearly forming around changes and adjustments needed to reform ISDS, but the main stakeholders – businesses and governments – have yet to make a clear stand, argue Adrian-Catalin Bulboaca and Marius Iliescu
Greece Today | 17-jun-2015
According to SYRIZA, ISDS undermined economic democracy by treating the rights of peoples and their elected representatives as equal to the rights of an economic oligarchy, essentially amounting to an exemption for large multinationals from democratic controls and continuing a conversion of western democracies to states where elections cannot bring about changes to economic policy.
Ars Technica UK | 3-jun-2015
The German federal government has admitted that an EU country’s arts policies could lead to it being sued by foreign corporations before investor tribunals under trade agreements being negotiated with Canada and the US.
EESC | 29-may-2015
The European Economic and Social Committee, in its opinion adopted on 27 May, opposes the inclusion of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) or in the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA), as it believes such a system has the potential to derail both agreements.

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