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Explique moi le commerce | 24-Nov-2021
Que va-t-il changer? Va-t-il être ratifié? Peut-il renforcer les droits humains en Chine? etc.

Counter Punch | 24-Nov-2021
Extractive companies are the most frequent users of the investor-state dispute settlement system (ISDS), making up 29 percent of all ICSID claims in fiscal year 2021.
Chile Mejor sin TLC | 9-Nov-2021
Chile es el país de la región con la mayor cantidad de tratados internacionales que incluyen capítulos de protección de las inversiones extranjeras.
AFTINET | 8-Nov-2021
In a significant step forward in the campaign against Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS), Australia has announced its withdrawal from its signatory status to the Energy Charter Treaty. | 2-Nov-2021
Allowing oil, mining, and gas companies to continue to file expensive lawsuits over environmental regulations could undermine whatever agreements might be reached in the COP26 in Glasgow.
Global Justice Now | 28-Oct-2021
Courts allow big polluters to sue governments into “a state of climate paralysis”, campaigners say.
Attac | 28-Oct-2021
Une nouvelle publication révèle que cinq entreprises de l’énergie poursuivent des États pour leur politique climatique en leur réclamant 18 milliards de dollars de compensation.
ISDS Case Map
Financial Tribune | 1-Dec-2021