Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 21-abr-2022
ISDS in Latin America is here to stay. While disputes in sectors such as pensions and telecoms are becoming more common in the region, we expect to see a ripening of COVID-related, tech and energy disputes.
IISD | 23-dic-2021
Les discussions sur une décision sur les ADPIC en lien avec la Covid-19 et visant à accélérer la production et la distribution équitable de vaccins et de médicaments se poursuivent mais les accords d’investissement en sont absents.
IISD | 23-dic-2021
Talks on a possible COVID-19-related TRIPS decision aimed at scaling up vaccine and therapeutics production and equitable distribution continue but investment agreements are absent from them.
IA Reporter | 24-ago-2021
Deux sociétés aéroportuaires françaises, Aéroports de Paris (ADP) et Vinci Airports, ont engagé une procédure d’arbitrage contre le Chili, en invoquant le traité bilatéral d’investissement (TBI) Chili-France.
The Ecologist | 19-ago-2021
Tackling trade and investment agreements must be an essential step in achieving justice-oriented action on climate change, health inequities and economic injustice.
Cooperativa | 18-ago-2021
ADP y Vinci recurrieron al CIADI para resolver su disputa con Chile sobre la disminución del tráfico aéreo y de las actividades comerciales, así como el perjuicio que les habrían causado las restricciones sanitarias, producto del Covid-19.
IA Reporter | 17-ago-2021
Two French airport companies, Aeroports de Paris (ADP) and Vinci Airports, have initiated treaty-based arbitration proceedings against Chile, invoking the Chile-France bilateral investment treaty (BIT).
ISDS Impactos | 25-jun-2021
Bufetes de abogados y empresas amenazan con demandar a Estados por medidas contra Covid-19
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 27-may-2021
The patent waiver initiative may give rise to claims under the expropriation standard, and to a lesser degree, under the FET standard.

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