TDM Call for papers "Aligning Human Rights and Investment Protection"

Transnational Dispute Management is currently preparing a special issue on "Aligning Human Rights and Investment Protection". This special issue which will analyse the possibility of courts and tribunals operating in the fields of human rights and international investment protection to take into account the concerns of the other field of law.

Possible topics may include:

 Are human rights part of the applicable law in investment arbitration cases?
 The approach of investment tribunals confronted with human rights sensitive cases.
 Investors’ human rights before investment tribunals.
 Third party participation before investment tribunals and human rights courts.
 Interim measures before investment tribunals and human rights courts: a comparative approach.
 Human rights abuses linked to investments (not necessarily foreign) before human rights courts.
 Investor protection by human rights courts.
 The form and amount of compensation granted by human rights courts to victims of human rights abuses by investors.
 Economic, social and cultural rights and foreign investment.
 Issues of potential conflicts (whether real or perceived) between international investment law/tribunals and international human rights law/tribunals.
 The interaction between national courts, human rights courts and investment tribunals.

All those with an interest in the subject are invited to contribute articles or notes on one or several of the above topics or any other relevant issue. Publication is expected in the fourth quarter of 2012. Proposals for papers should be submitted to us by 1 June 2012.

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