CIAR Global | 13-Dec-2019
Karima Sauma, especialista en arbitraje internacional, asistente del árbitro internacional Rodrigo Oreamuno y directora ejecutiva del Centro Internacional de Conciliación y Arbitraje de AmCham Costa Rica.
Project Syndicate | 27-Nov-2019
Thanks to the World Bank’s flawed and corrupt investment arbitration process, the rich are making a fortune at the expense of poor countries.
HETQ | 18-Nov-2019
Roads to the Amulsar gold mine have been closed for a year and a half by residents of neighboring communities opposed to the mine operated by Lydian who is considering international arbitration.
El Mundo | 12-Nov-2019
Recuento de la controversia entre Infinito Gold y Costa Rica ante el CIADI
Stock Market Wire | 12-Nov-2019
Aura Energy lodged a claim against Sweden to recover the losses incurred from the Haggan uranium project following the country’s decision to ban uranian mining.
Yahoo | 5-Nov-2019
The award granted WWM over US$ 40 million in damages, in addition to a substantial portion of its legal costs incurred in the proceeding.
Ciar Global | 31-Oct-2019
Análisis de la demanda de arbitraje de inversiones interpuesta contra Costa Rica por parte de la empresa minera canadiense Infinito Gold ante el CIADI.
El Tiempo | 24-Oct-2019
El laudo del CIADI le ordena a Colombia devolverle 19,1 millones de dólares a esa empresa.
Reuters | 22-Oct-2019
Barrick Gold Corp said it had reached a deal to settle a long-running tax dispute between Tanzania and mining group Acacia.
Business Recorder | 16-Oct-2019
The Adviser to Prime Minister on Finance and the Attorney General for Pakistan are meeting with the company’s board.

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