KBS | 21-dic-2017
Le ministre sud-coréen délégué au Commerce extérieur a annoncé son intention de réviser la fameuse clause ISD du traité actuel, le sigle anglais de « Investor-State Dispute ».
Korea Herald | 20-nov-2017
Samsung Engineering has filed an investor-state dispute settlement suit against Saudi Arabia over changes made to its power plant construction contracts for Yanbu Industrial City.
Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea | 25-oct-2017
First ISDS case against South Korea under Korea-US FTA.
The Investor | 30-ago-2017
Foreign investors are making increasing inquiries about possible losses to their investment in South Korean telecom companies, three days before the carriers are to decide on whether to file a lawsuit against the government’s fee cut plan, industry sources said on Aug. 28.
Hankyoreh | 21-ago-2017
The Moon administration needs to stand up to Trump with the confidence of a party ready to accept termination of the agreement, writes The Hankyoreh
Yicai Global | 17-mar-2017
The Ansung case is the first international investment dispute to enter the arbitration stage where the Chinese government is a party.
Economic Times | 11-ago-2016
India has turned its attention to comprehensive economic partnership agreements with Singapore, Japan and South Korea after having fixed the loopholes in the much-abused investment treaties with Mauritius and Cyprus.
Occupy FTA | 3-ago-2016
When the KorUS FTA was negotiated from 2006, the Korean Supreme Court delivered its opinion against ISDS to the Korean government twice in 2006 and 2007.
Vieuws | 20-jun-2016
High-level South Korean diplomats have expressed their preference for the old investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) system over the Investment Court System (ICS) in the framework of a future investment chapter in the EU-South Korea FTA.

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