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Lexology | 16-jun-2022
As investor-state arbitration continues its growth as one of the most dynamic and controversial features of international investment law, developing countries must learn lessons from the decisions of arbitral tribunals on old-generation treaties.
CNN Philippines | 9-jun-2022
The Philippines and Israel inked the investment promotion and protection agreement that includes investor-state dispute settlement.
CIAR Global | 10-may-2022
Un estudio advierte de que “La acción mundial contra el cambio climático podría generar más de 340.000 millones de dólares en reclamaciones legales de los inversores en petróleo y gas“.
The Conversation | 6-may-2022
We estimate that countries would face up to $340 billion in legal and financial risks for canceling fossil fuel projects that are subject to treaties with ISDS clauses.
CCSI | 4-may-2022
In the context of investment treaties and arbitration, states should not put private arbitrators in the driver’s seat on issues of valuation of fossil fuel assets and compensation.
Kluwer Arbitration Blog | 25-abr-2022
The 2019 Moroccan Model BIT is a good example of the growing body of ‘new generation’ Model BITs fuelling the ISDS reform conversation. | 15-abr-2022
Mexico and many other countries are facing anti-democratic corporate lawsuits like the case that pushed Khan to withdraw from international investment agreements.
Ecologistas en Acción | 8-abr-2022
Más de 60 organizaciones del Estado español han firmado y enviado una carta a todas las diputadas y diputados pidiendo el voto contrario a este Acuerdo.
| 28-mar-2022
The question is whether states wish to cede a significant portion of their sovereignty to ISDS tribunals, giving them the authority to decide which state measures taken in the public interest are legitimate.

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