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Ghana Web | 17-Feb-2021
A Chinese-based construction company, Beijing Everyway Traffic and Lighting Tech Co Ltd is claiming USD55 million from Ghana for cancelling a contract it awarded it to develop an intelligent traffic management system for the country.
The Star | 17-Feb-2021
ROYAL Dutch Shell Plc launched arbitration proceedings against the Nigerian government over a long-running community dispute.
Ecofin | 16-Feb-2021
Shell, empêtré dans de nombreuses affaires de pollution dans le delta du Niger, a été condamné à verser des dommages-intérêts, mais semble vouloir régler le contentieux à l’amiable, d’où la sollicitation d’un arbitrage.
Investment Monitor | 12-Feb-2021
Categorical claims about the impact of trade deals on FDI are not supported by the evidence, which paints a nuanced and sometimes contradictory picture.
Business Recorder | 8-Feb-2021
Sources said that the government will have its own template for a BIT, which will replace the existing treaties with different countries.
El Cronista | 20-Jan-2021
El canciller Felipe Solá y el Procurador del Tesoro, Carlos Zannini, quieren revisar los acuerdos de protección de inversiones que determinaron la solución de diferendos en tribunales extranjeros o en el Centro Internacional de Arbitrajes del Banco Mundial.
Heinrich Böll Foundation | 16-Dec-2020
Given China’s unique position, the study concludes that the EU must ensure that particularly strong protections for EU regulatory policy space are included in any future investment deal.
Acento | 30-Nov-2020
Asimismo, dentro de esta categoría, también debemos mencionar que el Estado dominicano ha ratificado tratados bilaterales de libre comercio como el DR-CAFTA, los cuales contienen disposiciones relativas a la protección de las inversiones y los mecanismos de resoluciones de controversias
Premium Times | 23-Nov-2020
The groups said they are concerned about the ICSID’s long-standing failure to promulgate clear rules for addressing cases where corruption has been alleged.
The Express Tribune | 3-Nov-2020
Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the formation of a working group of experts for reforming Pakistan’s international investment regime.

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