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IISD | 30-Mar-2021
A pesar de su gran importancia práctica, es curioso que, hasta la fecha, no se le haya dado demasiada importancia a la cuestión de la indemnización (o “daños y perjuicios”) en virtud de los tratados de inversión.
IISD | 30-Mar-2021
The principles governing compensation are too important to be left to arbitrators. Hundreds of millions—or even billions—of dollars are often at stake.
IISD | 30-Mar-2021
Les principes régissant l’indemnisation sont trop importants pour que seuls les arbitres s’en chargent. Plusieurs centaines de millions – voire des milliards – de dollars sont souvent en jeu.
Business Recorder | 25-Mar-2021
Pakistan has reportedly decided to scrap most of its existing Bilateral Investment Treaties as these pacts are shrinking the government’s policy space with respect to adopting measures of public interest.
Kenyans | 24-Mar-2021
Kenya is set to receive Ksh300 billion after it won a case against Cortec Mining Kenya Ltd, associated with slain businessman Jacob Juma and Stirling Limited for revoking the mining license of niobium and rare earth minerals.
Brookings | 18-Mar-2021
A plurilateral “interpretative statements,” whereby governments endorse joint statements clarifying and defining their positions on contentious clauses in their existing investment treaties would be a practical, flexible and low-cost option.
The Online Citizen | 12-Mar-2021
Besides protection and dispute settlement, the BIT also includes several key changes in terms of application and restriction.
UNCTAD | 3-Mar-2021
Most international investment agreements do not exclude taxation from their scope, which means that a wide range of tax-related measures are covered by them.
Ghana Web | 17-Feb-2021
A Chinese-based construction company, Beijing Everyway Traffic and Lighting Tech Co Ltd is claiming USD55 million from Ghana for cancelling a contract it awarded it to develop an intelligent traffic management system for the country.