Friends of the Earth International | 20-Oct-2020
Nuestro llamado a suspender todos los casos del ISDS durante y después de la crisis de COVID-19.
CIAR Global | 8-Oct-2020
El proyecto de ley para avanzar en la compra de la vacuna Covid19 en Argentina contemplará la petición de los laboratorios farmacéuticos de incluir la protección jurídica a través de arbitraje, condición que tienen que respetar todos los países.
Mondaq | 29-Sep-2020
By acknowledging the procedural and substantive weaknesses of ISDS, this article will touch upon proposals for reform.
National Magazine | 11-Sep-2020
Tensions are likely to surface between the public-policy directions of governments managing a challenging economic climate and foreign investors’ private interests.
International Law Office | 4-Sep-2020
With state measures in response to COVID-19 being compounded by an already difficult economic environment for investors, they may have little choice but to challenge those measures.
Corrs Chambers Westgarth | 28-Aug-2020
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments globally are engaging in a difficult balancing act of protecting public health, mitigating economic damage and avoiding interference with private rights.
TNI | 24-Aug-2020
Latin America’s battle with COVID-19 hampered by investment arbitration cases.
Marianne | 24-Aug-2020
Les cabinets d’avocats d’affaires poussent pour que les multinationales attaquent les États pour leur avoir fait perdre du chiffre d’affaires durant le confinement.
TNI | 20-Aug-2020
América Latina entre la crisis de la pandemia y el arbitraje de inversiones.
SSRN | 20-Aug-2020
Recent jurisdictional decisions suggest that sovereign debt will be subject to bilateral investment treaties for the foreseeable future.

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