Investigate Europe | 27-jui-2022
European governments are still considering withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty, despite the EU Commission’s efforts to modernise the controversial pact, documents leaked to Investigate Europe reveal.
Energy Voice | 26-jui-2022
Germany has agreed to buy a stake in Uniper. The deal is subject to Uniper withdrawing a lawsuit against the Netherlands in connection with the Energy Charter Treaty.
Energy Monitor | 18-jui-2022
Despite warnings that new oil and gas fields must be banned for the world to decarbonise by 2050, treaty signatories will protect fossil fuel production for at least another decade.
CIAR Global | 7-jui-2022
Un informe del Transnational Institute analiza las demandas de arbitraje de inversiones recibidas por España en la última década, casos que le han convertido en el segundo país más demandado del mundo en procedimientos de inversión.
IISD | 6-jui-2022
Experts took particular concern with the fact that most investment treaties do not oblige arbitrators to take into account international agreements on climate change when adjudicating cases.
IISD | 6-jui-2022
Les experts se sont dit particulièrement préoccupés par le fait que la plupart des traités d’investissement ne contraignent pas les arbitres à tenir compte des accords internationaux sur le changement climatique.
Cambridge University Press | 30-jui-2022
There is a great threat posed by the potential use of ISDS by the fossil fuel industry to stall action on climate change.
LSE | 30-jui-2022
Climate-related ISDS indicate a real risk that significant resources and energy may be diverted away from climate action, impacting the popularity of pro-climate policymaking among both policymakers and the public.
Ecologistas en Acción | 29-jui-2022
Finalizan las negociaciones para reformar el Tratado de la Carta de la Energía con la adopción de un acuerdo inaceptable. La Comisión Europea ha ignorado la petición del Parlamento Europeo, del Gobierno español y del parlamento holandés, de iniciar la salida conjunta del Tratado.
IISD | 28-jui-2022
The new "agreement in principle" for a modernized Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) falls short of pledges to make the trade and investment deal better suited to achieving international climate goals, IISD experts say.

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