Lexology | 4-Dec-2015
A guide to ISDS in the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: A hollow promise or an answer to ISDS’ critics?
Global Search | 5-Nov-2015
Hace una semana, el pasado 27 de octubre, se aprobó en primer debate por parte de la Asamblea Legislativa de Costa Rica el “Acuerdo Bilateral para la Promoción y Protección de Inversiones” entre Costa Rica y China
Edge | 28-Oct-2015
Why FIPA makes the territorial government’s hot pursuit of trade with this superpower toxic for the North.
The Star | 2-Oct-2015
What little we know about the Harper government’s many international trade deals is cause for grave concern.
The News Review | 19-Aug-2015
The Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA), ratified in 2014, is a license to be unfair to Canadians.
The Vancouver Sun | 15-Aug-2015
In his new book Gus Van Harten argues that FIPA shows that Canada can be too eager to compromise its economy, long-term, in the hope of a quick buck now.
Lexology | 26-Jun-2015
While the legal text of the China-Australia FTA (ChAFTA) was signed last week, the investment legal framework will be reviewed within the next three years with a view to commencing negotiations for a comprehensive Investment Chapter to be included in ChAFTA.
Canberra Times | 19-Jun-2015
Remarkably, the Australian government has given Chinese companies a general right to buy resources and other assets in Australia – so-called market access – without getting the same right for Australian companies in China.
Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment | 6-Feb-2015
Advocates of a transatlantic investment treaty should be careful not to overstate their case and play the “China-card” as a core argument for allowing US investors to side-track EU courts.
Allens | 21-Nov-2014
The Investment Chapter of the ChAFTA may be similar to the KAFTA’s with broad carve outs limiting the scope of claims that a foreign investor may bring against the host country and providing the parties with a discretion to regulate on ’public welfare’ objectives

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