Primicias | 21-feb-2020
El consorcio chino Ecuagoldmining notificó a Ecuador la existencia de una “disputa internacional” según un tratado de protección de inversiones suscrito con China, por falta de garantías para operar el proyecto Río Blanco.
Biopharmapress | 7-ene-2020
Proper mandatory licenses will be exempt from claims for expropriation under the China BIT model.
Scoop Politics | 6-nov-2019
The CTU is concerned that the "upgrade" of the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement has not removed the threat of investor suits against the New Zealand government.
The Economic Times | 2-oct-2019
India may cut or eliminate tariffs on 80% of products imported from China under a 16-country free trade agreement, the last round of negotiations for which is underway in Vietnam.
Korea Times | 18-abr-2019
The Jeju provincial government has revoked the business license of a Chinese-owned for-profit hospital. The Chinese group may file a suit against the Korean government, using the investor-state dispute settlement system.
Pulse | 5-mar-2019
The Korea government may face another investor-state dispute case from the Chinese capital if the license is called off.
MENAFN | 2-ene-2019
The EU has proposed to reform the investor-state-dispute-settlement system, a move that could further complicate negotiations with China over a bilateral investment agreement, as well as their dialogue on the Belt and Road Initiative’s implementation in Europe.
The Guardian | 1ro-jun-2018
The logic to Trudeau’s action may lie in an obscure and overlooked 2014 agreement to ensure China got a pipeline built
Diario Uchile | 30-may-2018
La aprobación de este acuerdo complementario al TLC firmado en 2016, preocupa a la sociedad civil ya que, al igual que la actualización del TLC con Canadá, considera la protección irrestricta de inversiones extranjeras.
Lexology | 13-abr-2018
Investors journeying along Belt and Road Initiative should be aware of their rights under the web of investment treaties which cover the route.

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