agricultura | campesinos | alimentación | 5-jul-2022
Lettre publique de la société civile méxicaine, européene et internationale, 4 juillet 2022 | 5-jul-2022
Statement of the Mexican, European and international civil society, 4 July 2022
notimérica | 25-mar-2022
El CIADI ordena a Venezuela pagar al Grupo Agroinsumos Ibero-Americanos la suma de US$1.629.000.000,00 como compensación por su incumplimiento del acuerdo España-Venezuela
Most Favoured Nation | 11-feb-2022
When Brexit meets ISDS meets the ECJ, happiness ensues.
Courthouse News | 26-ene-2022
The European Court of Justice backed the EU bloc’s authority to challenge arbitration payments in a dispute between a pair of beverage moguls and the Romanian government.
Romania-Insider | 6-ene-2022
A committee attached to the Washington International Court (ICSID) definitively rejected the €1.8 bln claims of Romanian-Swedish investors Ioan and Viorel Micula.
CIAR Global | 26-ene-2021
La compañía británica Vestey Group y Venezuela llegaron a un acuerdo por más de 100 millones de dólares para poner fin al largo arbitraje de inversiones que se inició en 2006 ante el Centro Internacional de Arreglo de Diferencias relativas a Inversiones (CIADI).
Lexology | 18-sep-2020
The Micula saga is characterized by the ICSID award (and its review by the ad hoc Committee) being just the beginning rather than the conclusion of the dispute.
Indonesia for Global Justice | 11-sep-2020
Indonesian CSOs assesses the national economic recovery strategy by strengthening policies economic liberalization focusing only on investment and exports will only be increasingly open space for corporate monopoly on economic resources.

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