Bloomberg | 8-oct-2014
Canada is bracing for a dispute with Germany over whether its newly-agreed free trade pact with the European Union should be re-opened to erase arbitration clauses.
The Tyee | 12-sep-2014
The survival of the new trade deal hammered out in secret between Canada and the European Union is threatened by opposed Green politicians in Germany’s most populated state, writes Andrea Rexer.
The Tyee | 29-aoû-2014
Latest version of trade deal leaves too much up to non-existent commission, lawyers say.
Reuters | 28-aoû-2014
EU lawmakers are threatening to block a multibillion-dollar trade pact between Canada and the European Union – a blueprint for a much bigger EU-US deal – because it would allow firms to sue governments if they breach the treaty.
Commision Européenne | 28-aoû-2014
L’Union européenne a franchi aujourd’hui une étape importante vers la mise en place d’une politique globale d’investissement, avec la publication d’un règlement établissant un nouvel ensemble de règles pour gérer les litiges dans le cadre des accords d’investissement conclus avec ses partenaires commerciaux.
European Commission | 28-aoû-2014
The European Union today took an important step towards creating a comprehensive EU investment policy, with the publication of a Regulation setting out a new set of rules to manage disputes under the EU’s investment agreements with its trading partners.
S&D Group in the EP | 27-aoû-2014
The Socialist & Democrat Group in the European Parliament has always opposed the inclusion of the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism in CETA, says their president G. Pitella, and it will be up to the Parliament to decide whether or not to ratify the agreement.
ContreLaCour | 26-aoû-2014
Le chapitre relatif aux investissements, avec notamment la partie relative au mécanisme de règlement des différends Etat-investisseur, étant traduit, ContreLaCour s’attache en ce moment à la traduction du projet de Traité dans son ensemble.
Le Monde | 17-aoû-2014
The most controversial provisions include the investor state dispute resolution mechanism (ISDS), an arbitral tribunal meant to settle disputes between governments and corporations.
Le Monde | 17-aoû-2014
Parmi les dispositions les plus controversées figure le mécanisme de règlement des différends investisseurs-Etats (ISDS)

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