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Afronomics Law | 13-Dec-2021
African nations should not be expected to take the lead in addressing a climate emergency they did not create. The priority for Africa is to receive support and investment to build resilience and adapt to climate impacts.
Daily Express | 6-Dec-2021
The EU Commission has launched infringement proceedings against seven member states over their failure to end intra-bilateral investments agreements.
Lawyer Monthly | 23-Nov-2021
India’s steps to better protect itself hasn’t curbed the appetite of foreign investors, suggesting that the perceived correlation between FDI and robust investor protection is overstated.
Devdiscourse | 22-Nov-2021
An UAE-based trading and investment firm has filed a lawsuit before the Sindh High Court worth around Rs 74 billion against the State Bank of Pakistan and a private bank for BIT breach, local media reported.
Chile Mejor sin TLC | 9-Nov-2021
Chile es el país de la región con la mayor cantidad de tratados internacionales que incluyen capítulos de protección de las inversiones extranjeras.
Business Recorder | 25-Oct-2021
Under the new template, federal government would not be liable for private investor disputes. Mediation would be made compulsory, while foreign arbitrators would be decided in advance through consensus.
Animal Político | 20-Oct-2021
Entre 1995 y 2020 se han presentado 303 demandas en contra de países de América Latina y el Caribe, siendo la segunda región más demandada del mundo. Los inversionistas han obtenido resultados favorables en un 62,6% de los casos y las demandas les han costado a los gobiernos alrededor de 32.141 millones de dólares.
OHCHR | 15-Oct-2021
UN experts today called on States to ensure that international investment agreements do not provide a “safe harbour” for investors to abuse the human rights of individuals and communities.
Lexology | 15-Oct-2021
Investor–state arbitration has grown over the years to become one of the most dynamic and controversial features of international investment law.
La Jornada | 13-Oct-2021
Además de la sustitución de la OEA, es urgente abordar dentro de la Celac el problema que es el Centro Internacional de Arreglos de Diferencias Relativas a Inversiones del Banco Mundial (Ciadi), dado que países de América Latina y el Caribe son los más demandados en este organismo, por miles de millones de dólares por corporaciones trasnacionales a escala mundial, especialmente por industrias extractivas.

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